Most Recent Additions*


Determination of Best Methods of Temporary Identification of Horses During Disasters
Tori Olivier, Krisxan Bell, Rebecca McConnico, Laura Gentry, Brent Nugent, and Katie Kitchings


Student Stage Manager
Olivia Buller and Cherrie Sciro


The Influential Women of Richard II
Mandilyn McMilan and Julia Hardie


Shadows Don’t have Faces
Michaela Franklin, Brenda Savage, and Nick Bustamante


Method and Techniques for Myogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Nellie Perez, Summer Adams, Laura Lee, Haley Barnett, John Bradley Cart, Mary Caldorera-Moore, and Jamie Newman


Fabrication and Testing of Polymer Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Grant Ledet, Mark Hidalgo, and Sandra Zivanovic


Prince Hal and Iago: Masters of Tactical Deception
Hannah Rhodes and Susan Roach


Insulating Paint
Jacob Smith and Shaurav Alam


Effects on atmospheric conditions on the luminescent properties of lanthanide compounds
Andrew A. Brown, Elisabeth Fatila, Katherine Vandenburgh, and Amar H. Flood


Genetic Evidence for Two New Species of Salamanders (Plethodon glutinosus complex)
Cameron Robicheaux, Pedro Simoncini, Ryan Philobos, and Donald Shepard


White Shrimp Hypoxia Tolerance: Implications of the Dead Zone
Chardonnay Boyd, Terri Maness, and Abigail Bockus


Investigation of transcriptional control in directing cell fate
Claire Peterson, Foram Patel, Lauryn Cain, and Jamie Newman

*Updated as of 02/28/20.