Oral presentations start at 8:00 am, following a short welcome. Students will each give a 10 minute oral presentation of their research using a PowerPoint presentation. There will be a 10 minute break following the 4th presentation. The schedule allows time for questions following each presentation.

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01. Welcome

Jamie Newman

02. “I, Poor Monster” or “Call Me Rosalind”: Women as Men in Twelfth Night and As You Like It

Ashley Palmer
Celia Lewis


03. Halloysite Animal Hair Coating Optimization for Efficient Anti-lice Protection

Faith Scott
Naureen Rahman
Anik Karan
Yuri Lvov


04. Wastewater Detection of SARA-Cov-2

Laura Lee
Sree Venigalla
Haley Barnett
Paul Austin
John Matthews
Jamie Newman


05. Examining the use of the DMAIC process on the operational plan improvement for UPS Personal Vehicle Drivers

Landry Seimears
Emily Theriot
Courtney Wessels
Cassie Johnson
Anne Hasslen
Jun-Ing Ker


06. Break

Undergraduate Research Symposium


07. Initiation Into Sisterhood: An Examination of Transgender Women Doing and Undoing Gender in an American Sorority

Jon Michael Judice
Jamie Boydstun


08. Blood Pressure Response in Police Officers

Meredith Fisher
Joshua Kibodeaux
Vishesh Singh
Yolanda Hoof
Sherrie Roberson
Sherry Peveto
Alexandra Ziepke
C. Smiley Reeves
Alyssa Martin
Lorraine Jacques
Todd Castleberry


09. Body Ownership in Art: A Contemporary Context Presentation

Evelyn Hinojosa
Nicole Duet


10. Influence of Container Color and Medium Depth on Avian Herbivory of Longleaf Pine Seed

Kelsey Shoemaker
Heidi Adams
Daniel Jackson