Date of Award

Spring 5-25-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Shaurav Alam


Recent studies of heat-cured fly ash based green geopolymer concrete have shown its suitability for fabrication of structural members. Fabrication of these structural members requires continuous moderate heating (145°F) for 24 hrs, and an oven essential, for a large member can quickly turn into an energy guzzler, potentially eliminating the green credentials of the product. The proposed research involves the development of a frontal polymerization (FP) method that achieves rapid curing of geopolymer at ambient condition after short-term heat application. Initial work shows thermal FP in geopolymer is a possibility and might be a solution to the problem. The process includes blending of monomer, initiator, cross-linkers, and geopolymer slurry, which upon application of heat, polymerizes locally, and the reaction front moves forward to complete the procedure resulting in a solid finished product. Preliminary strength evaluation revealed the strength of FP cured geopolymer mortar specimens are compatible with traditional cement mortar samples. Therefore, frontally cured geopolymer has the potential to save significant time and energy required in the curing of geopolymer product and can create a new horizon in fly ash utilization, the waste often deserted in the environment as a landfill material. Therefore, the research has the potential in generating green credits and means for meeting federal requirements for reduced carbon footprints on federally-funded projects and save taxpayers’ money.