Mathematics Senior Capstone Papers

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Spring 5-14-2020


In this paper, we consider the game fantasy football, which allows people to simulate being a National Football League team owner. Imaginary owners select from the best players in the NFL and compete on weekly basis based upon player performances on the field. Fantasy football has become popular over the years. In 2011, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association there were 35 million people that played fantasy sports online in the United States and Canada. The most major companies that use fantasy football are Yahoo, ESPN, and NFL, even though there are more platforms. Many people use these platforms to view NFL reporting, preseason rankings, player statistics, fantasy points projections, and expert opinions on drafts. Even though fantasy sports have increased over time and there are various of platforms to view stats and predictions, but there is no method that provides a strategy to predict the entire fantasy football league. During this project we will predict NFL players performance on the field and calculate their fantasy points for the next season using the Auto Regression Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) models using players historical data. We will use the data from these predictions and an algebraic equation to rank players by overall fantasy prediction points for the 2020 fantasy draft.



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