Brandon Garcia

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Publication Date

Spring 2019


The purpose of this project is to research the relationship between duck migration and weather patterns, more specifically trying to determine if the rainfall and temperature in a given year affects the migration patterns of ducks. Duck hunters and conservation- ists alike have observed an overall decrease in the duck population in Louisiana over the past 70 years. Though some years have seen an increase, the population has not recovered to the level from the 1950s. These observations have led to many questions about what have happened to the ducks or where have the ducks gone. Using differ- ent forms of Regression in Excel and Minitab this project investigates recent national patterns to try and correlate a pattern between the duck population and natural occur- rences. At the end of the project it was discovered that there is a correlation between the duck population in Louisiana to Louisiana Temperature, Louisiana Precipitation, Minnesota Temperature, and Ontario Precipitation. This correlation provides a better understanding of how nature has an impact on a population of a single species and allows us to better predict the duck population at the end of the year from statistics in the beginning of the year.