Mathematics Senior Capstone Papers

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Spring 5-13-2020


This project focuses on estimating the stock value of Chick-fil-A as if it were a publicly traded company using a comparable analysis method or CAM. We begin by obtaining financial information from Chick-fil-A as well as the amount of locations there are chain-wide. Next we find two publicly traded fast food companies, one that is larger, and one that is smaller than Chick-fil-A and obtain the same information from them. The idea is that Chick-fil-A will lie between theses two companies and we can use the CAM to estimate their stock value. The CAM gives us a multiple of the valuation of Chick-fil-A in comparison to the companies we use and that information is what will be used to estimate the stock value. Lastly, we can compare Chick-fil-A with the larger company and then with the smaller company and average these two values which will give us a more accurate estimate.



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