Date of Award

Winter 2-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



First Advisor

Marcia Dickerson


Workplace incivility is a non-overt and subtle form of workplace mistreatment. Though these low-intensity behaviors are often ambiguous, they display a lack of regard for people and are intended to harm. Yet the workplace incivility literature lacks in many areas, including its inclusion into more novel models. Therefore, this dissertation addressed several gaps in the workplace incivility literature, including distinguishing and measuring the impact of different sources of incivility, the social power of the instigators, and the distal outcome of pre-quitting behaviors. The researcher tested a unique theoretical model that included supervisor-and customer-instigated incivility, and illegitimate task assignment, as predictors with emotional exhaustion serving as a moderating variable between predictors and pre-quitting behaviors, deviant outcomes, and COVID-19 safety protocol adherence. In addition, both psychological capital and coercive power of the supervisor were tested for moderating effects. CFA was conducted to ensure validity of the ten measurement scales, and SEM verified the goodness-of-fit effects of the hypothesized model, including an analysis of the model’s purported paths. Data were collected (n=302) in a two-wave design. Results indicated support for most hypotheses in the hypothesized model, and the findings carry significant implications for the workplace incivility literature and practitioners alike.