Scale-Up, Characterization, and Functualization of Copper High-Aspect Ratio Structures (CUHARS) and Other Metal-Organic Biohybrids (MOBS) for Cell Studies

Anik Karan, Louisiana Tech University


The goal of this dissertation is to provide improved procedures for novel nano/micro material synthesis. To achieve this successfully, we characterize them to find out the structural, chemical and physical properties of these materials in order to incorporate different functionalization or chemical and physical modification techniques to make them suitable for various biomedical applications. The main concern is on metal-organic biohybrids (MOBs) in this project because of their well-known applications in biological imaging and drug delivery. One of the well-known metal-organic hybrids, Copper High Aspect Ratio Structures (CuHARS), has been characterized extensively in this project, and the various characterization techniques will be discussed, and the schematic on how to characterize an unknown nano/micro material and reach its core structure will be given as well. Based on the characteristic details, these bio-hybrids will be modified for various applications in the field of medical imaging, anti-microbial properties and tumor treatment.