Environmental requirements for Louisiana Tech University with an emphasis on an asbestos management plan

Roy Wayne Dowling, Louisiana Tech University


The intent of this paper is to provide both an overview of the environmental regulations affecting Louisiana Tech University and to discuss possible compliance solutions. A major area of emphasis will be the Asbestos Management Plan that Louisiana Tech is presently beginning to implement. Realizing that all environmental areas cannot be covered thoroughly, it is the purpose of this dissertation to raise the awareness level of the reader to the most important compliance areas.

The tremendous expansion of environmental laws during the last twenty years has significant implications for colleges and universities. No longer are laws applicable only to industry; educational institutions must comply with the same requirements. If they do not they will face potential legal liabilities. Because of substantial penalties government agencies can impose for environmental violations, and the substantial damages that private parties can seek for environmental injuries, it is critical that institutions be aware of, understand, and follow environmental requirements.

Louisiana Tech University's compliance requirements will be studied in the following paper. A special emphasis will be put on the Asbestos Management program now being implemented on campus. The information is divided into two main parts. Part One will describe the major federal and state regulations that directly affect daily operations at Louisiana Tech University. Current and future needs in all environmental areas will be discussed briefly. Part Two focuses on the Asbestos Management program and covers all aspects of implementation of a viable asbestos program. Each part has been divided into chapters for ease of information retrieval.