Date of Award

Winter 1997

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Engineering (DEng)


Materials and Infrastructure Systems

First Advisor

Leslie K. Guice


This dissertation presents new analytical models for the structural analysis of Cured-In-Place Pipes (CIPP) used in the rehabilitation process of deteriorated pipelines. Both cases of partially and fully deteriorated pipelines are considered. Specifically, analytical models for the stability of CIPP encased in either circular or oval partially deteriorated host pipes are presented. The proposed models for the case of partially deteriorated host pipes were compared with the results of experimental works. Results of the experimental work, which was done during the course of this research, were used in the comparison. Other, previously done, related experimental work were also added to the experimental results database used in validating those models. Another analytical model for the static analysis of CIPP encased in fully deteriorated host pipe was also developed and compared with the results of finite element analyses. The research concludes that the proposed models in this dissertation compare favorably with either the experimental or the finite element results.