Date of Award

Summer 1997

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Marketing and Analysis

First Advisor

Richard Huston


The research presented here provides evidence for the use of dispositional psychological states within the Ordered Protection Motivation model. Specifically, the use of dispositional variables is supported when the threat is one related to health (such as AIDS). The study examined a sample of undergraduate students from Louisiana Tech University. Regression was used to determine if four dispositional variables (Health Locus of Control, Sexual Locus of Control, Narcissism, and Sociosexual Orientation) added explanatory power to the ordered protection motivation model.

This study is of particular interest to marketers who produce public service announcements. The objective of any public service campaign is to change the public's behavior in some manner. By using dispositional psychological states to target high risk groups of people, the promotion (public service announcement) becomes more effective.