Shi-Je Wu

Date of Award

Spring 2003

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Micro and Nanoscale Systems

First Advisor

Jun-Ing Ker


A novel permanent magnetically and electro-magnetically powered, linear oscillating conventional micro air pump was designed, fabricated and characterized. This new pump might be used in a wrist-type blood pressure monitor or other similar devices that require high air pressure discharge. Factors considered in designing this micro air pump include feature size (especially the thickness), operation voltage, efficiency, heat transfer, noise and weight. For evaluating the feasibility of this novel design, basic performance calculations and ANSYS magnetic flux simulations had been conducted before the first prototype was made. Both theoretical calculations and simulation results show that this novel design meets the requirements for use in a wrist-type blood pressure monitor. The developed pump prototype pump was able to achieve a maximum air pressure of 180 mmHg.

Compared to an existing air pump used in a wrist-type blood pressure meter, this new design shows significant reduction in the thickness (reduced by 33%) as well as in the overall size (reduced by 50%). It is also quieter, environmentally friendly, and easily manufactured at low cost.