Date of Award

Fall 2004

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Micro and Nanoscale Systems

First Advisor

Yuri Lvov


The objective of this work is to investigate the combination of layer-by-layer self-assembly with microfabrication technology and its applications in microelectronics and MEMS.

One can assemble, on a standard silicon wafer, needed multilayers containing different nanoparticles and polymers and then apply various micromanufacturing techniques to form microdevices with nanostructured elements.

Alternate layer-by-layer self-assembly of linear polyions and colloidal silica at elevated temperatures have been firstly studied by QCM and SEM. LbL self-assembly and photolithography were combined to fabricate an indium resistor. The RTA method was employed in the fabrication. Hot-embossing technique as a reasonably fast and moderately expensive technique was used to replicate mold structures into thermoplastics. Microstamps with nanofeatures formed by this method can be applied on LbL nanoassembled multilayers. Finally, multiple ultrathin microcantilevers were developed by integrating LbL self-assembly, photolithography, wet etching, and ICP techniques. The purpose is to develop chemical/biosensor arrays for parallel, massive data gathering.