Date of Award

Spring 2009

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

First Advisor

Walter Buboltz


Obesity is a significant problem in American society with approximately 65% of the population classified as overweight and the obesity rate exceeding 30% of all American adults. Obesity is associated with widespread physical and mental health problems which lead to increased healthcare costs, increased work absenteeism, and decreased work productivity. The factors of genetics and diet have been studied extensively by researchers in relation to weight gain and health. Physical exercise also has been established as a factor that affects weight and health, but exercise programs of all types suffer from an average attrition rate of approximately 50%. The additional factors of personality and sleep have been researched in relation to obesity, with certain personality factors and sleep quality found to affect weight gain and health. These factors most often are studied in isolation and the continued attrition from exercise regimens and continued rise in obesity indicates that obesity and its contributing factors are not fully understood. The proposed study is designed to explore the contributions of personality, compliance with an exercise regimen, and sleep in relation to weight gain and health. This study will add to the obesity literature by developing and testing a research-based model of contributors to obesity and health. This model then could guide future interventions designed to reduce obesity.

Included in

Kinesiology Commons