Date of Award

Summer 2010

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Marketing and Analysis

First Advisor

Barry J. Babin


The linkages between salesperson-organization fit and salesperson deviance behaviors have not received adequate attention in the marketing literature. Salespeople can be viewed as either a tremendous asset for the realization of an organization's long term goals or as a potential threat to its overall success. This research addresses the importance of managing salesperson-organization fit in mitigating subsequent anti-normative behaviors. The study employs a conceptual model of sales-specific organizational congruence factors (work/nonwork demands fit, compensation structure fit, and values congruence) which drive salesperson deviance behaviors. The study examines how deviant behaviors are employed as a coping mechanism by salespeople who do not 'fit' within an organization. These behaviors influence salesperson competence through individual and organizational outcomes (performance, organizational commitment, turnover intentions and life satisfaction). The empirical tests of the hypotheses are based upon online survey data collected from 408 non-retail industrial salespeople from multiple companies in various industries.