Date of Award

Summer 2000

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)



First Advisor

Gene Johnson


The objective of this dissertation was to consider the determinants of external labor markets from a multilevel frame of reference. Specifically, the likelihood of a job's inclusion in an external labor market was examined in relation to environmental constraints, power and technological characteristics of the job and demographic features of the jobholder.

The sample frame consisted of a national survey conducted by the Current Population Survey (CPS). The CPS collected data from over 92,000 respondents relating to their having a job in an external labor market. Logistic regression and nonparametric tests were used in the statistical analyses. Statistical analysis revealed relationships between jobs being included in external labor markets and suggested macro, meso and micro variables. The managerial and theoretical implications of the findings of this dissertation were discussed along with contributions made to the extant knowledge in management. Finally, suggestions for further research were considered.